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Build a business in 1 month

Build a business in 1 month

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MINDSET! If there ever was a "short cut to success" as an entrepreneur mastering you mindset would be it.

So love yourself enough to take the time beforehand to work on your mindset. Specifically, picture yourself learning new skills that excite you, being challenged and inspired, having the confidence to take action, and getting the results that you've always wanted. See yourself in the exact seat that you are in right now, but having a new found appreciate for the hard work you've put in and the bright future you've set yourself up for.

Practice this visualisation technique every day and you will tune your mindset to the frequency you need to be in to get maximum results in the least amount of time possible.

Let's be real, this course could be worth THOUSANDS!  But i'm not going to do that as it's my mission to help as many aspiring entrepreneurs as i can for a low cost!

For ONLY $200!!


★ Discover your big idea

- Discovering what you want to create.

- Your profitable idea.

- Worksheet to execute your ideas.

★ Monetisation Masterclass

- Learn how to monetise your business

- Developing multiple streams of income

- Conversation Part 1

- Conversation Part 2 

- Worksheet to execute your course

★ How to create your product

- How to map out your product 

- Tools you’ll need to build your products

- Worksheets to execute your product ideas

★ Getting your first sale

- What is a sales funnel 

- Marketing VS Sales 

- Sales process examples

- How to sell

- Simple Marketing scripts 

- Worksheet to execute what you learnt 

★ You goal girl

- How to plan focus and execute your goals

- Steal this system to manage your business

- Bulletproof strategies to slay the day 

- Productivity hacks to get stuff done 

- Secret weapon how to toe your output in half time

- Worksheet to execute what you learnt to move forward. 

Let's do this together, start your business journey today!


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