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50 Instagram Story Polls Texts To Get Clients Template

50 Instagram Story Polls Texts To Get Clients Template

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 When sharing an Instagram story, you can use stickers to create a customisable survey and any follower who clicks on your video can vote in the poll. Their responses, with names attached, can be viewed after your poll is finished.

Surveys should be relevant, fun, and interactive. Try asking customers which of your products they enjoy or use the most. Instagram polls are also great opportunity to understand if customers are unclear about your product or business model. Feedback may show that your followers are looking for tutorial videos or that they find your business’ website difficult to navigate.

The possibilities are endless since every type of business can benefit from polling. Follower responses can help you decide what to publish in your next blog post or on social media.

Within this template you'll find 50 Poll Texts that are PROVEN to help get clients.

Just like CTAS but a way to go 50/50 and get the client either choice they make.

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