About us

My name is Kyara Costelloe
23 years old and a mama to a beautiful daughter
Most of my friends call me KIZ or KY 

We Located in Newcastle, NSW
I have been creating content, website designing, social media managing and Photography to create my clients dream visions and bringing them to life for 5+ years now
Working in front and behind the camera,
Creating visionary content and so much more.
It’s my passion

Our Photography sessions, aim is to make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera, self love and body positivity is a motion we stand for.
We want to create the vision you were wanting from working with us to cherish these moments captured forever.
Social media management and all things SOCAIL is another passion of ours.
Built with only one team member we provide the 1:1 services to ensure the best outcome for your brand / business. We take the time to communicate through ideas and work with the client to create the best version of your brand.
We treat all of our clients like family and you will soon realise we put more then just 100% into everything we do!
Come join our team and lets get your business looking AMAZING!

It is my job to be photogenic and i am constantly editing different varieties of images for clients, work or for my personal life.
Over the years when i was a newbie photographer i used a variety of different 3rd party editing apps which didn't give you much to work with.
For the past year i have been using Lightroom and throwing tantrums when i couldn't figure out how to work it properly ( just kidding ).
But now i have a wider range of presets that i work with constantly on images, for clients or myself.
If you don't want to book a personal photoshoot you can purchase our presets to create your own images nearly the same as how we would edited.