Tik Tok Marketing 101

Tik Tok Marketing 101

It's no joke that Tik Tok has been flourishing since quarantine started, but it's also no joke that businesses are slow to hop on.

What is Tik Tok

TikTok is a 15-60 second video sharing platform.

You can explore it here: https://www.tiktok.com/en/ (Yes, you can even watch on your desktop!)


Pros of Tik Tok

  • 90% of users log on multiple times a day

  • Only 55% of users actually upload content

  • Tik Tok has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times

It goes without saying, no matter how niche you are you'll be able to find your target audience on Tik Tok.


The Algorithm

When users first log on they are taken to a "For You" page. This page mimics the Instagram explore page in that it shows users auto generated content based on their previous full video views, likes and comments. Tik Tok however, is more powerful than Instagram Explore because you don't see your post among 100+ other posts, your video pops up and takes up the entire screen of their phone.


Why is this a pro?

Because you don't need tons of followers or to harass your friends and family to share. Tik Tok will place your post in front of people who are already engaging with similar content for free. This might even beat out bugging your friends and family to share because these people are your target audience, your relatives probably aren't.

How Does It Work?

Within a couple hours of posting TikTok will assess what type of content is in your video and start delivering it to "For You" pages. Then how many people watch it, engage with it or comment will determine how many more people see it. After about 48 hours you should be able to fully assess how your video preformed.


Cons of Tik Tok

  • No in post website linking.

  • Poor call to action performance.

What does this mean?

The only place you can link to your website, other social sites, etc. is in your profile. Boooo. Call to actions such as "head to my profile to visit my website" preform poorly. Tik Tok wants people to stay on Tik Tok for as long as possible so encouraging them to leave is a huge no no. Granted, you need to eventually ask viewers to take that next steps so asking viewers so a call to action sprinkled in at the end of a video every so often won't hurt.

I got it, but I have no clue what to start posting?!


Follow the Trends!

I'd start by checking out the trending hashtags.

This one is easy, if you're packing orders take a step back and organize your work space or if you're an interior designer share a video of a before and after job. For HVAC-ers this is a great chance to share a tips like "ways to keep your vents clean or how to change out your air filter"

If you aren't keen on any hashtags just start scrolling through your "For You" page. If you notice a popular song, filter, or movement click to see what others are posting with the same element, you're bound to find some inspo.

Show Behind The Scenes

A huge draw to Tik Tok is clients feel like they have a behind the curtain look at the company and can build an emotion connection or feel like they're part of the team. Here's some ways to build on that...

- Record Your Progress

Show how your product or service is made/created. For services this can be as easy as recording what a certain job looks like.

- Demonstrate Your Product/Service

Make t-shirts? Do a quick fashion show! Unclog drains? Turn the faucet on and use the text to describe the awesome flow rate, or unique hardware.

- Tips & Tricks

How to wear your hand-crafted head band with a certain hair style or how to ensure your home has the best air quality. Keeping these seasonal has proven to be successful.

Ok, but I'm not a videographer...

No worries, I would recommend recording and editing right in Tik Tok. It's super easy and it won't hurt your storage.

Worried about how things will turn out? Record on your phone and edit with iMovie, it's as simple as dragging and dropping!


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