How to grow on Instagram

How to grow on Instagram

Firstly, It’s HARD! 
I’ll give that to you right off the bat. Literally! Instagram is not only the HOTTEST platform right now but its also become one of the HARDEST to grow on.

I’m not sure WHY Instagram is trying to make it so hard for creators to get their content seen by changing the algorithm constantly. 

I can’t tell you why nor am I even going to try and figure it out. Instead, I am going to give you MY tips on how To grow incase you are completely STUCK! 

Focus on your theme / branding


(P.S This is the PREVIEW Planner for Instagram App. They are amazing!) 

I use this app to plan my feed, posts, captions & hashtags. 

I honestly was posting once a week. MAYBE twice a week if I was like feeling good. I was getting average likes and comments, nothing crazy though. I was focusing on my online courses, guides & templates so I didn’t really think that Instagram was really that important but oh was I wrong.

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It wasn’t until Started batching my content  for Instagram and actually challenged myself to post nearly every day that I realized two things. I hadn’t grown in MONTHS. The individual pictures / graphics themselves were good but not the actual theme & branding.

My advice to you if you are struggling with growing on Instagram is to start with your theme/branding. Your individual pictures/graphics but ALSO your overall theme. Don’t forget that part.

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Post as much as you can

The next thing I suggest doing is challenging yourself to POST EVERY DAY. Maybe not on Sundays if those are your lowest engagement days but do your best to post every single day. You will be so surprised how much this helps your engagement and how many people will find you if you are posting at the same times every day!



This is so important I put it twice. Engage on your posts. Engage on other’s posts. Engage on hashtags. Engage on accounts like yours. ENGAGE. The reason why I say this is because not only will it help you grow, but it will also help your engagement rate go up.

ALWAYS reply to every comment you get on your posts. It helps your engagement rate, helps you grow and tells Instagram your active. YOU NEED TO DO THIS.

Go through hashtags you post in and like peoples photos, if the photo looks good to you, go to their account and like some more of their photos. If you love their account, comment and follow them! Most of the time you will just get likes, sometimes a comment back. Sometimes you will get follows back or sometimes you may get followers that you didn’t follow first! ENGAGE PLEASE


make sure you are liking and commenting on the posts from people you are following. I know that seems weird. But you really really need to be doing this.

The algorithm will start showing them more of YOUR content because YOU are engaging with theirs. I promise this will help you.


It. Is. Impossible. To. Grow. Without. Hashtags. Please don’t make me say it louder. If you are not using hashtags. Please just start using them today. You may be saying, “I use hashtags, but I honestly don’t know what I am doing.” Or, “I use hashtags, but they aren’t doing anything for me!”

Hashtags don’t have to be hard to use. You just have to put the TIME into finding them. You can use Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder, Preview’s Hashtag Finder or even just search for hashtags on your own. Do a mixture of them from super large hashtags to really small. Super large is anywhere in the millions, and really small is in the 10k region or even smaller.

TRACK your posts

Tracking your posts is a must. I highly recommend it. It’s a lot of work but it is soooo helpful. Not just for growing purposes but for YOU purposes. You are able to see where you started and how far you have come.


Don’t be afraid to follow people back

do not be afraid to follow people back! Following people back allows you to grow. This doesn’t mean to follow everyone back but if someone follows you and you like their content, give them a follow back and engage in their content a little!

Don’t be afraid to follow people either. That is how you GROW!

If these tips helped you, let me know! I love hearing that they did! Also, please give me a follow on Insta x

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