How To Batch Content

How To Batch Content

Why batch your content?
First off batching your content saves lives & saves you time. It helps minimise burn out & allows you to stay in the zone to be more consistent!

Do you have to batch your content? Nope.
You can create and post each day but in my experience, that isn’t very sustainable.

Step 1:

Collect your ideas and seperate them into different content formats ( Reels, carousels, infographics )!

You can sit down and do a brain dump list or just collect ideas throughout the weeks leading up to your next batch day.

You can use your phone or write it down whichever is your preference.

Step 2:

Collect audios for reels by DMing them to yourself. Copying the audio link and paste it into your organised list of ideas or saving the reels into a folder on instagram.

Step 3:

Choose a day where you have a few hours to create your content!

I batch my content Tuesdays & Wednesdays once a month.

TIP: Make sure your phone is charged, camera lens is wiped off so your videos are clear and if you film with natural light make sure its not a dark day.

For graphics create templates that you can insert information into so its quick and easy. 

Step 4:

Once your done creating your content. Write out your captions & hashtags in a spread sheet or with a planner app. 

Step 5:

Lastly schedule your posts with dates and time so you know when your posting what. 

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